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Today, the world honours a giant of our time; a leader of unparalleled courage and towering achievement; and a man of quiet dignity and deep humanity.
Nelson Mandela was a healer of communities and a mentor to generations.
He remains a moral compass and reference to us all.
Madiba walked the path to freedom and dignity with steely determination – and with compassion and love.
He showed that each and every one of us has the ability – and responsibility – to build a better future for all.
Our world today is marred by war; overwhelmed by emergencies; blighted by racism, discrimination, poverty, and inequalities; and threatened by climate disaster.
Let us find hope in Nelson Mandela’s example and inspiration in his vision.
Today and every day, let us honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy by taking action.
By speaking out against hate and standing up for human rights. 
By embracing our common humanity – rich in diversity, equal in dignity, united in solidarity.
And by together making our world more just, compassionate, prosperous, and sustainable for all.
António Guterres
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